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What do the locals like to drink?

Vin chaud and toffee vodka are as synonymous to a ski holiday in France as schnapps is to Austria. Wondering why these drinks caught on here, or looking for a little inspiration? We take a look at the top selling drinks in The Bubble Bar.


Pronounced “pan-a-shay”, this is the French version of a lager top. Beer with a dash of lemonade.

Demi pêche

Half a lager with a bit of peach syrup, this is the French equivalent of a lager and lime.

Toffee vodka

Toffee vodka is famous across the French Alps and has fueled many an après party. This sweet shot can often be seen being free-poured into the mouths of sweaty, topless seasonnaires. The Bubble Bar stocks 20 different homemade flavours of vodka, it’s like a sweet shop, there’s literally a flavour for all palettes!


Green Chartreuse is the local fire water and at 55% alcohol it packs a punch and has been known to take down even the most hardy drinkers. It’s made from 130 herbs and plants macerated in alcohol, giving its recognisable flavour. The liqueur is named after the monks’ Grande Chartreuse monastery, located in the Chartreuse Mountains in the general region of Grenoble in France.


Génépi is a digestive that you’ll likely be offered after a restaurant meal to help you digest the mountains of cheese you have consumed. This local ‘eau de vie’ is made by soaking stems of the alpine plant génépi in alcohol and sugar for 40 days, creating a herb-like pale green liqueur. Most locals know the best spots to harvest the flowers, although these are secrets they’ll take to the grave. Brush off the British urge to neck it quickly and do like the locals – sip it slowly, savouring the botanical flavours.

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