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This is my 'Proper Job'

Seasonnaires regularly get asked the question “What is your proper job?” Well, for many of us locals, this IS our proper job! We caught up with longterm resident Jonny Kaye to find out why he choose to live in the Three Valleys.

What is your proper job?

I’m an owner of the Funky Fox bar in Courchevel Moriond and more recently we’ve acquired L’Elephant bar in Le Praz. So what’s my job? Barman, waiter, manager, events organiser, accountant, marketer, plumber, and electrician!

When did you first arrive in resort and why?

I arrived in winter 2006/7. Excited for a season of progressing my snowboarding and getting my skiing off of the easier slopes. I had already visited the area on holiday and thought to hell with it, spending a few months of riding every day, surely that’s what dreams are made of!

What’s the best thing about living in France?

For me the best thing about living in France is being immersed in a completely new culture. There are days where things like life admin are a bit frustrating, but at the same time it makes everything a bit more challenging. Equally I’m very fortunate to have a great lifestyle. I get on the mountain in the daytime, work at night – love it.

What have you learnt during your time here?

Lots! I should probably start with the French language, of course there are many things missing but everyday is a school day. I’ve learnt about business, people and cultural differences. I’ve also learnt some new snow and mountain based activities, I’m always keen to try something new.

What’s new at the Funky Fox and L’Elephant this season?

Most people don’t know that in the Funky Fox we are more than just a party bar. Yes we’re famous for hosting many big nights with DJs and live bands but actually we do a lot more. Food for example, it’s actually a great place to hang out and fill ya face before it starts ramping up.

This year in both bars we’ll still be doing a few classics, pizzas and burgers for example. The What’s new bit is the exciting bit. I’m not going to give too much away but will mention that we are aware of an up and coming vegetarian market. No, we’re not turning into veggie venues, but I will say we’ve been experimenting with new recipes to ensure we have some new choices on the menus which will appeal to all.

Board or Ski?

Board AND ski – love doing both! I like to telemark, piste ski, powder ski, park ski, skin up the piste in the evening, I love it all. Ski touring, paragliding, speed wings, you name it I want to play on it.

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