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Summer activities in the Three Valleys

Ever wondered what it’s like visiting the mountains during the summer?  We’ll let you into a secret, it’s amazing.  We’ve spoken to the locals who (whisper it) prefer summer in 3 Valleys to the winter!

Get the lowdown on climbing cols on a road bike, the world class alpine mountain biking and everything else that makes a summer trip to the mountains a great alternative to the boring old beach.

The world’s largest ski area doesn’t just shut down with the last spinning of the lifts!  In fact, spring and summer can be some of the finest times to visit, and greatly reduced prices are definitely the order of the day!  If you’ve enjoyed our company over the winter, then take a look at the following ideas to help plan your summer trip.

Two wheels (on the road or the trails)

British cycling has come a long way since the dour days of defeat in the 80s and 90s, and the public’s reaction has been as celebrated as our modern sports stars!  The 3 valleys offers multiple ways to come and get stuck in, from the purity of high alpine passes to the more rough-and-tumble pursuits of lift accessed downhill mountain biking.  With electric bikes taking a lot of the strain out of the steep gradients around here, enjoying the mountains on 2 wheels rather than 2 planks has never been so accessible!

Stunning views and wildlife

Walking and hiking in the 3 valleys are much easier once all the snow has melted, but the views stay just as spectacular!  You might also be surprised at the warm welcomes waiting for you at the numerous mountain refuges, where simple but delicious local specialities replenish those eager enough to reach them!  Overnighting is an option, but you could also just as easily wander down to the next village and gently let the much-changed pace of life wash over you with the warm mountain air.

More fun than the beach and just as warm

The Savoyards take physical activity very seriously year-round, and you won’t be surprised to find that this attitude doesn’t change just because the snows have melted!  What might surprise you though, is that the same temperature that melted the snow keeps on rising until it threatens the kind of levels more famously experienced by the Alps’ near-neighbour the Cote d’Azure.  All of which means, that the alps can be just as good a location to enjoy a breath of fresh air and a locally made ice-cream – all without sand getting everywhere!

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