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'Eh up Duck!'

There’s one place in Courchevel that feels like a little haven from our everyday lives. After we’ve been working hard or skiing until our legs ache you’re sure to find us tucked up in the Boulotte.

When we need a break from work or want to celebrate an epic day on the mountain with a beer this is where we go. It’s run by a mainstay of resort, the infamous Katie, and so we thought we’d share a few of the reasons why it has a special place in the hearts of many.

K is for Katie – she’s like our favourite auntie.

That’s it we’ve said it; now we’re probably barred. But she is! Katie makes the place, you go in knowing you’re going to get questionable banter, straight talking and plenty of laughs. So pull up a bar stool and put the world to rights.

A is for amazingly awesome coffee.

In our opinion it really is the best in resort.

T is for Timmy Mallet

Yep you read right. Z-list celebs such as the one and only Timmy Mallet have graced this fine establishment. He probably won’t be back after being forced to play “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie” at après. Nevermind, we won’t lose any sleep, there are much better bands on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Boulotte is located at the bottom of the slopes in 1650 easily reached after a day on the hill, so call in and join the party.

I is for internet – is there wifi?

Maybe, but Katie wouldn’t tell you the code even if there was. Who needs the world wide web when you’re on holiday or escaping from work. Keep your phones tucked away and try to forget about the outside world.

E is for effing falafels 

She’ll hate us for this, they’re everyone’s favourite dish on the menu, and the bane of her life, making the bloody things. Homemade falafel served on an open wrap loaded with salad, hummus and sweet chilli sauce, lovely. If falafels aren’t your thing fear not, there’s plenty more on the menu including steak, cheeseburgers, lamb koftas and a halloumi beetroot burger, new this year.

S is for Stoke

Not the stoke you feel after a days skiing but the city of Stoke. The place where Katie hails from, listen out for the potteries dialect. Although this is an alpine bar there’s a vague sense of being in a British boozer. Which is maybe what draws us all in?

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